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Because sustainable development requires sincere communications, I founded Walk the Talk, a content and communications agency dedicated to ESG topics.  Walk the Talk wants to encourage people to take the first step towards change.  We create digital first content, highlighting promising change agents and initiatives.  Our services include:   - advice on broadcast and social media communication - creation of social media content - moderation of round tables and events - training spokespeople

Multilingual TV journalist, Live Moderator and Communication Enthusiast

My mission is to help you walk the talk

Let's build tomorrow, today


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Walk the talk, Nathalie Reuter, Studio RTL, De Journal, TV anchor, News program, Kloertext
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Walk the Talk, Nathalie Reuter, d'Coque luxembourg, Leopard Trek, Moderation on stage, sportif event

Beyond the event...


Elevate your event and online presence. As an experienced and passionate professional in the field of journalism and television, my goal is to support you in making your upcoming event a success, be it a panel discussion, a conference, a meeting or an award ceremony and effectively promoting it on social media. Confidence is key, let me guide your speakers through public speaking and media messaging trainings to deliver impactful presentations that leave a lasting impression.


From the idea to the stage to the screen, let’s join forces to make your events shine and captivate your audience offline and online.

Satisfied clients
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